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Our Team

Our group has started some months ago to strongly promote climate action in local politics - with the goal of a climate neutral Lüneburg by 2030. The Germany-wide initiative GermanZero supports us in organizing the citizens' decision.

By now our group has grown and we are currently about 20 active people. Most of us are studying, but we are also getting more diverse and are grateful for everyone who wants to join the team!

Annika Team

Annika Patry

Medien, Finanzen, Vernetzung, Vision, Presse

Timo Team

Timo Dreher

Rechtliches, Unterschriften, Aktion, Presse

Kristin Team

Kristin Jordan

Medien, Vision, Vernetzung, Koordination

Charlotte Team

Charlotte Clement

Network, Finances

Moritz Team

Moritz Meister

Medien, Presse, Vernetzung, Koordination

Lea Team

Lea Findeis

Rechtliches, Medien, Vision, Koordination

Carlo Team

Carlo Krügermeier

Rechtliches, Unterschriften, Neumitglieder

Larissa Team

Larissa Weber

Finances, Signature, Coordination

Karl Team

Karl Schneider

Medien, Presse

Astrid Team

Astrid Völzke

Finanzen, Presse, Aktion, Vernetzung

Hannah Grunow

Vision, Klimastadtplan

Hannah Lübbert

Presse, Aktion

Achieving climate neutrality - together!

In our team, there are engaged and motivated people living in Lüneburg - do you also want to join us?