Our Goal

Where we're at

Lüneburg stands for a good quality of life, for lively commitment and for future orientation - perfect conditions for committed climate protection! But so far, a comprehensive concept is missing. The administrative district (the Landkreis) of Lüneburg decided in March 2020 to become climate-neutral by 2030 and to develop a master plan for climate protection to this end. The Hanseatic City of Lüneburg, on the other hand, is sticking to 2050 as the target date - much too late, as this is not the way to contain the heating of the climate to below 1.5 degrees. Individual measures, such as small-scale unsealing of parking spaces or individual bicycle lanes are not enough to significantly contribute to climate protection. We know: Lüneburg can do better!

...and where we want to be: Our goal

We can no longer wait for the results of the current processes in local politics and administration, but need to become active ourselves. With the citizens' initiative, we are getting the city to draw up a plan full of concrete climate protection measures by 2021. Our demands for the citizens' initiative are therefore:

Do you support the demand that Lüneburg gets climate-neutral by 2030 and that the city works out a climate action plan with the therefore required measures?

Important for reaching net zero are major changes in energy, heating, mobility, industry and land use, as for example:

Windenergie als Alternative zu fossilen Energieträgern

Renewable Energies

Fossil fuels are a thing of the past - let's initiate a real energy change locally! The approaches are there: Alternative Energies provided by citizens to citizens (Bürger:innenenergie ) promise a decentralized expansion of renewable energies. This must be promoted! Supplemented by consulting programs of the city, the energy revolution can succeed. But also and especially in the heating sector something must be done: Strict regulations for new buildings, as well as a widespread promotion of renovations can make a contribution. The promotion of solar thermal energy and climate-neutral district heating using green hydrogen are further necessary measures.

Radwege als Symbol für nachhaltige Mobilität

Mobility Turnaround

Space for people instead of cars, clean air instead of noise, exhaust fumes and congested streets - sustainable urban development must focus on mobility. Many people in Lüneburg are already travelling by bike or on foot. But the streets are only designed for cars. That is why we are working together with Radentscheid Lüneburg to promote the development of cycle paths and other cycling infrastructure. However, not every person is able or wants to travel by bike. Therefore a comprehensive expansion of bus connections is necessary!

Wald als ökologische Senke

Active CO2 Extraction

 It is not enough to be less harmful - we want to become (climate) positive! By preserving and promoting ecological sinks, i.e. plants that store CO2 in the form of carbon, we can actively remove CO2 from the air. Therefore the receipt of forests, as well as the sustainable use of wood must be emphasized. Also building up humus can make a large contribution - projects like the seal "Der Grüne Giebel" are good starting points.

Our Vision

Climate Neutrality in Lüneburg by 2030 - the road to this goal is not easy. So a vision of what Lüneburg could look like in ten years is even more important!
The city will certainly be greener, the traffic quieter and the air better. People are more in touch, culture is alive, we do business differently... - each of us has a different idea of a future worth living in, and that's exactly why we want to exchange ideas: 
How do we want to live in a climate-neutral and socially just city in 2030?
Of course, this question is best discussed during a nice walk, in the park or at your own kitchen table. But exchange beyond that is also important, and regarding the current situation unfortunately only possible digitally. We would therefore like to invite you to share your visions for a climate neutral Lüneburg. 
This is why a digital participation format is to be created here - we look forward to receiving ideas and tips on how this can be designed in concrete terms. Contact us, if you have ideas or if you want to participate!